Aqua Design Group, Inc. International provides unique custom water features to high-end commercial and residential markets in addition to offering design development and construction documents for projects. We are an allied Member of the American Institute of Architects, The American Society of Interior Designers, and The Association of Professional Landscape Designers.

As the premier designer of water features, our talented artists and engineers collaborate with architects, interior designers, and construction staff to ensure the timely completion of every high-quality project. Our keen awareness of detail aids in the creation of cascading waterwalls, elegant fountains, or tranquil aquariums.

Beautifully sculpted works, which are all meticulously handcrafted, can be incorporated into any design and in a variety of imaginative locations: walls, windows, between floors, or suspended in open spaces. Water sculptures assist in creating a sense of tranquility and meditation that leaves you feeling refreshed and energized.