AIA Continuing Education + Professional Learning

Designing with Water

With over twenty years of engineering and manufacturing water features, we feel it makes sense to pass on our experience to you, the designer. There are many key areas to be considered when developing a fountain concept. Fountains are so much more than aesthetic; there are intricate pumping systems working behind the scenes that bring each feature to life.

Our Designing with Water course will introduce and explain the components used in a typical water feature, so each designer will better understand the engineering process & language of aquatic consulting. Our course also maps out a technical overview of design parameters for each type of water feature. These are the tools that every designer or architect needs to obtain in order to manage a successful and efficient design process.

The idea is to make water feature application easier on the designer, and in turn, easier on the team. The AIA continually strives for the highest quality and professional standards for architectural continuing education, and is committed to offering enhanced educational opportunities for members. The Aqua Design Group course provides credits that architects can use to meet their state licensing requirements.

Learning Objectives:

  • Discussing fountain design, construction, operation, safety considerations.
  • Distinguishing hydraulic engineering, water treatment basics, sanitation considerations
  • Identifying nozzles, performance, and other options
  • Defining lighting, sound, control systems, electrical considerations, and other details
  • Creating the ideal feature for any space using customization
  • Maintenance and Troubleshooting; insights into testing the feature and correcting issues