Health Benefits

The relaxing sound and sight of water has been appreciated for centuries. As a popular accent of choice in many designs, water effects can transform ordinary spaces into captivating environments. In addition, they also provide a natural air purifier, a humidification system, and an essential connection to nature.

Studies have found that variations in sounds produced by water can affect your level of relaxation. Consistent bass sounds are relaxing enough to lower your blood pressure and improve your mental health. Further research has shown that sounds emitted from a water feature can also help to reduce unwanted noise levels, increase creative productivity, reduce stress, and accelerate healing processes. Therefore, a water feature is a perfect addition in the creation of a serene atmosphere or a creative space even in the busiest of cities.

As well as providing benefits through sound and aesthetics, water features act as highly effective air filtration systems. During warmer seasons, temperatures outside can be unbearable, and energy bills to run air conditioners can be high. The elemental properties of water allow for cooler temperatures in the summer, while also providing a pleasant humidity to the air during dry winter months. Through the natural convection of water in a variety of settings, energy costs can be significantly reduced and thermal comfort can be maintained.