The mission of Aqua Design Group (ADG) is to realize our client’s visions whether it be a state-of-the-art aquarium or private oceanarium into a reality. ADG promotes quality, economy, and value-engineering principles in all that we undertake. We can be contracted as a one-stop company to undertake the complete range of Aquarium Specialist Works (ASW) if required.

Aqua Design Group welcomes project enquires from around the world.



Aqua Design Group can provide conceptualization, design development, documentation, and project management throughout the following range of Aquarium Specialist Works (ASW) services:

  • Architectural exhibit concept, schematic design, design development and construction administration.
  • Structural exhibit engineering.
  • Aquarium exhibitory and display design.
  • Life Support Systems / Aquatic Filtration System.
  • Acrylic design and engineering options.
  • Aquarium lighting design.
  • Back of House – quarantine systems, diving and feeding stations.
  • Exhibit interpretive graphics.
  • Aquarium livestock species list, scheduling and sourcing.
  • Live coral design and species list
  • Public and Schools Education Programs.

Aqua Design Group, team of experts, sub-contractors and specialist consultants provides a competitive edge with access to the most suitable personnel for each specific service we offer. Our contracting & project management.


  • Life Support Systems fabrication, supply and installation for marine or freshwater aquariums.
  • Acrylic panels, cylinders, floors and underwater tunnels supply and installation.
  • Specialist waterproofing.
  • Fabricated artificial underwater and dry habitats and scenery.
  • Exhibit interpretive graphics and signage.
  • Livestock scheduling, sourcing and procurement.
  • Commissioning
Operations Management

Aqua Design Group can facilitate the sourcing of an Aquarium Curator and operations staff for the new facility. During the pre-opening and post-opening stages of the new facility, ADG can be contracted to provide:

  • Assistance with aquarium staff recruiting and appointments.
  • Staff training for all aquarium staff, in-house education staff, exhibit’s staff.
  • Operations Management assistance for senior staff.
  • Facility Management and on-going curatorial advice and overview.