There are various finishes available to make your project truly unique that can express a high level of detail and quality. A custom finish is a great way to complement the overall design concept and to create a complete and unified fabrication.

Proper metal finishing is the essence of art and old world craftsmanship. Metal finishes are spun, polished and finished by our talented team of artisans. The finish quality of each product is backed by our warranty that guarantees the premium craftsmanship, beauty, and durability of every project.



Finish Fan Large

Finish Wave Large

Finish Loop Swirls Large

Wall Clad Small

Swirl Pattern

Burnished 3



SS Cobble


Copper Cobble

Copper Fine Finish

Copper Finish Bold

Copper Mill

Copper Patina B

Copper Satin


Flamed Finish

Wires Stone


Stacked Glass

Vynil on Clear Glass

Clear Glass VS. Rippled Glass