Greenlife Wall

GreenLife Walls are both an aesthetically-pleasing and an earth-friendly design feature used in both residential and commercial settings, indoor and outdoor. A green life wall is like a vertical landscape, either free-standing or part of a building.

GreenLife Walls can accommodate most plants ranging from annuals to perennials, herbs, vines, grasses, mosses, natives, succulents, temperate, tropical and subtropical. Choosing the right plants for any space can be a complex and detailed process. Aqua Design Group will be sure to aid in the selection process to find the best plants for your greenwall, and that fit the conditions specific to your environment.

Most installations will require a frame that can be attached to the wall, a waterproof barrier to protect the wall, a surface material to hold the plants in place, an irrigation system and artificial light when needed. Aqua Design Group’s can design unique systems, the plants will cascade down the concealed framework while also supporting the plant material and root systems. Additionally, greenwall system allows for water collection and proper drainage.

GreenLife Walls incorporate design and innovation that yields both aesthetic and environmental benefits. For indoor use, the plants act as purifiers, improving the overall air quality by increasing oxygen levels and filtering out toxins. For outdoor use, the green walls provide insulation and act as shading, which help regulate the internal temperatures of the building. Also, the plants absorb a significant amount of rainfall which helps for storm water management and they can mitigate the heat island effect in more urban areas, helping to cool overall temperature.