Water Wall

Aqua Design Group can design and fabricate any waterwall for any custom project. Our designers’ inspiration and skills are moderated by over 50 years of collective experience that produce innovative solutions that are not only unique and beautiful, but also functional and reliable.

Water walls are perfect for courtyards, lobbies or any large open space, and are cost-effective and space-saving, too. The benefit of a water wall is that they offer a quieter sound of water, as the water simply trickles down the face and doesn’t drop and splash, which can be quite noisy. Waterwalls, typically made of stainless steel, can feature various architectural decorative materials; materials like granite, marble, metal screens, cooper, bronze and acrylics. Rain Curtains create a unique and soothing display as drops of water trickle down clear flat strands of Mylar and disappear into a basin or in a hidden basin beyond.

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